Gvitech Technology Co., Ltd. (GVITECH Corporation, hereinafter referred to as "Gvitech") is an industry-leading three-dimensional Geographic Information System (3D GIS) and digital display (Digital Media & Display) technology development and service organizations. Since its inception, Gvitech has been focused on the three-dimensional visualization technology, 3D GIS, digital media and display, high-performance graphics computing, large-screen professional display technology research and development.。


Gvitech always lead the trend of three-dimensional visualization technology applications in China to launch the 3D GIS used in urban management software for three-dimensional urban planning and architectural design and decision support software. Which Gvitech CityMaker series independently developed software, has been widely used in urban planning, municipal pipelines, land, mapping, emergency response, transportation, housing, electricity, petroleum, petrochemical and several industries. Currently CityMaker at home and abroad hundreds of major projects and institutions has been applied, such as: Digital Beijing, Digital Macau, Shanghai World Expo, Digital Yuanmingyuan, Stuttgart, digital Chongqing, Wuhan, digital, digital, Nanning, Hangzhou Qianjiang New City and so on.


Gvitech in China to launch a super-graphics computing cluster systems, and multi-channel large screen projection system technology, and become the first areas to show the launch of multi-channel surround screen solutions provider. Gvitech digital display technology has been widely used in hundreds of major projects and institutions, and extend to overseas markets in Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, across urban planning, architectural design, real estate, museums, science museums, research institutions, multiple applications of media publicity. Gvitech is undertaking National Eleventh Five Technology Support Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and is supported by Ministry of Science and Innovation Fund.


Gvitech Headquartered in Beijing, Shanghai and other places to establish a marketing center and service organizations. Also features the industry's largest R & D center in Beijing, where the number is located in the Urban Institute, Tsinghua University. 2010, Gvitech obtain investment "Fortune Venture Capital" and other well-known investment institutions, will further promote the faster development of the company to an international leader in goals. Gvitech consistently adhered to "encourage innovation and excellence of self-realization," the company philosophy, to create the world's leading 3D GIS platforms and digital display technology. Company advocating people-oriented, encourage innovative corporate culture, to provide and create a good space for development.