- Gvitech founded to carry out three-dimensional visualization technology research;
- Launch GReality virtual reality simulation software;
- Launch CityMaker 3D visualization software;
- Cooperation with Tsinghua University to establish a three-dimensional visualization technology lab city;
- Tsinghua University School of Architecture and Urban Planning and Design Institute co-founded Digital Urban Institute;
- Get China Urban Planning Association awarded the first prize of virtual reality technology;
- Introduced support for large data visualization graphics computing Tango super graphics computer system;

- Establishment of a domestic sphere planning first professional virtual reality center for the Ningbo Municipal Government, is also the first large-scale exhibition in the field ring screen display system. The center complete with Gvitech software, hardware and seamless large screen display technology;
- Won the country's first virtual reality contest crown;
- Post more powerful and able to integrate CityMaker 3 dimensional visualization software platform for a variety of data;
- Become a partner of Shanghai World Expo, visualization products provide professional and technical services for the construction of the Expo;
- Export CityMaker software to the city of Stuttgart, Germany and other overseas government agencies, overseas operations and cooperation;
- Awarded the Science and Technology Innovation Fund to support;
- Construction of digital Wuhan (8549 square kilometers), began construction of city-level 3D platform;

- Post CityMaker 4 three-dimensional software platform, breaking the technical threshold massive three-dimensional data processing;
- The introduction of China's first set of architecture and urban planning for 3D design software CityMaker Designer 2007;
- Post-leading network 3D technology, and introduced CityMaker Network 3D GIS software platform;
- Post diciti.com online digital earth, and to cooperate to establish a digital network platform Beijing and Sina, Sohu and other related services for the Olympic Games;
- Chief Executive of Macao personally start building digital Macao;
- Publish 3D Digital Earth online platform into a real three-dimensional map of China online era;
- To the government departments to provide 3D GIS technology to provide technical support for the 60th anniversary of security work. At the same time, but also for Macao, Taiwan and other governments and institutions to provide products and technology, the establishment of "Digital Macau" and "Digital Taiwan" network platform;
- China's first digital sandbox shock debut Chaoyang International Business Festival, received public acclaim;
- Awarded the Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Fund support;
- Yuanmingyuan Management Office and work together to build the "Digital Summer Palace";
- Awarded the "China Top Ten geospatial industry most growth enterprise" award;
--2010 Zhongguancun high-growth emerging strategic industries of 50 companies;

- Awarded the China Association for Exhibition "exhibition at the enterprise level qualification certificate";
- Won the Chinese exhibition industry --AA grade credit rating;
- Eligible digital sandbox patents;
- Eligible for 2011 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 China, the Asia-Pacific 500;
- CMMI V1.3 for Development Maturity Level 3
- Awarded the 2012 Forbes list of the most potential for non-listed companies
- Released the latest version of the software CityMaker7
- Won the 2012 Shijingshan District of key enterprises
- Won the 2011 and 2012 Zhongguancun credit nurture double hundred works one hundred most potential for development of credit business
- CityMaker software by State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, "three-dimensional geographic information service platform software evaluation."
- "Digital sandbox Binzhou plan was" 2012 Geographic Information Science and Technology Progress Award "
- Won the "2012 China's geographic information industry best employer" title
- Building "Kunming Planning Museum" project, won some praise;
- Post DMS digital model of the system;
- Post wisdom building systems;
- The ISO14001 identified;
- Eligible for the top ten most influential design agencies Year Award 2014
- Changshu three-dimensional planning system is eligible for GIS Industry Excellent Engineering Award